Who We Are

A kind, loving lot who enjoys the simplicity and beauty of being ourselves, just as we are.  Learning, growing, failing, and trying again.  We’re here to appreciate, celebrate and support one another. Let us reclaim the wisdom, joy, and delight of life by honoring the gifts it holds.  We’d love for you to join us if you feel the same.

Here’s to a journey worth taking, my friends!

Take a journey with me for a moment while we explore the life of a flower:

A flower doesn’t compare itself with what grows next to it.

It doesn’t say I’m taller, my petals are bigger, my colors more brilliant, my leaves soak up more sun than yours.

It does nothing of the sort.   It simply is, what it is.

No more, no less.

I’ve yet to see a flower shoo away a bee.  No concern if it’s rooted in forest or field.  It takes the food it needs from the earth and sun so it can grow into be exactly what it was made to be.

No hoarding of rays to keep it warm at night or rainy days.  If something’s in its way, it grows around without complaint or contempt.  It doesn’t maliciously put another in its shadow.  It just grows toward the sun and blooms to share its beautiful gifts with the world.

It doesn’t need to know what it is to grow.

Nothing bothers a flower. It knows what it is and does what it does.

It carries on and doesn’t change its colors or try to be anything else.  It doesn’t hang its head in shame because it didn’t grow enough yesterday or close its petals tightly to shut the world out if it’s lonely or hurting.

A flower’s life is designed to be a harmonious entwinement with all that is. Growing, blooming, taking and giving food all at the same time.

Simple.  Beautiful.  A miracle of life unfolding each moment.


We can learn a lot from a flower.

Fear and ego can cause us to be more like an invasive weed.  Taking whatever it can, always wanting more, never satisfied.  Through un-learning of the self-imposed limitations like shame, fear, and greed, we flourish.  When we return to our true nature.